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******Those standing in need of prayer, feel free to request prayer through the guest book and we`ll gladly add you to the Prayer List.....May God bless you and yours always.....******
Prayer List

**Pastor & Deacon Reed
(Healing and Stregthening prayers)
**Minister Johanna & Family (Healing and Stregthening prayers)
**MIT Barbara (Healing and Stregthening prayers)
**Sis. Jasmine (Grades and Strengthening prayers)
**Sis. Tyffany(Healing and Strengthening prayers)
**Deacon Gordon & Family (Healing and Strengthening prayers)
**Bro. Robert (Health and Prosperity)
**Sis. Birdia (Healing and Strengthening prayers)
**Mother Jean (Health and Prosperity)
**Apostle Mattie Epps (Healing and Strengthening prayers)
**Mother Dickey (Healing and Strengthening prayers)
**Morrissa (Health and Prosperity)
**The Hall Family (Health and Prosperity)
**Bro John (Healing and Strengthening prayers)
**Pastor Rhodes (Bereavement)
**Pastor Press (Bereavement)
***And all others standing in the need of prayer


A Loving Memorial Tribute!
***TO MY BOYS***

"My boys were my precious gems
I miss you so very much my sweets,
Without you, I will always feel incomplete,
You were deeply loved from the very start,
And your wonderful presence shall remain always in my heart,
You were my babies, my sons, my love,
I release you both now, to the care of the Lord above.
With love, your mom -- Sis. Barbara